The 11th Ambassadors’ Tour

The 11th Ambassadors’ Tour will take place in the Philippines on 11-16 July 2017. Led by the Department of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Department of Tourism’s Tourism Promotions Board and Rajah Tours, the itinerary for the 11th Ambassadors’ Tour combines the best of Metropolitan Manila up North and the sprawling city of Davao in the South into one adventure-packed and enriching vacation experience.

The four-day stay in Davao, the King City of the South and current seat of power in the Philippines is a special highlight of this year’s event. Participants in this year's tour will be presented with an opportunity to experience Davao up-close. It is a chance for the participants to revel in Davao’s picturesque landscapes through its nature parks, agricultural farms, and resorts, experience the diversity of its people through a series of courtesy calls with Philippine government officials, and feel the harmony of its culture through its heritage and cultural museums.

Tailor-fit to tell the narrative of a new, safer, more beautiful Philippines, the tour will provide its participants with enough experience to engage their respective communities and leverage goodwill towards Filipinos and generate interest in the Philippines. Delegates who will be part of the program become “Filipino ambassadors” in their own right, carrying a fresh perspective and the message of a new and improved Philippines when they go back to the United States. As “Filipino Ambassadors,” this year’s delegates will be well-capable of showcasing the strides made in tourism, economic development, and public safety in the Philippines to the larger international community. By being “Ambassadors” in their own right, each participant of the tour becomes a champion for Philippine initiatives in the areas of tourism, trade, investments, and cultural development.

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